Month: July 2013

  • One last time, folks.

    I pretty much gave up on the idea of vlogging. Once I felt like I was just talking to myself, lol. Buuuttttt, the only way to have fun with it is to answer questions. Sooo, I figure, one last time! Or, at least, one last time before we find out what happens to xanga for sure, lol.

    So, if you want to help me have a little fun with my next, possibly last, vlog... then ask me a question! happy

    It can be anything. I don't care. silly

    *just reminded me, I need to edit pics from like that last two weeks or so. gah, I got off! Wait, that didn't sound right. winky*

    Okay, ask away!


    And have a good grumpy monday!

  • Best Day Ever


    Yep. Best Day Ever.

    That is all.



  • Impossible

    Love finding old songs that I've never heard before. and by old, I mean 2009, lol. I'm like, where was I In 2009? Oh. right.I didn't care so much about music back then. Gotcah. I'm slightly drunk righ tnow, forgive me.

    I should do a drunk vlog. that would be a hoot. not.silly maybe, actually, I dunno...

    But lyrics of the night... It's a kelly clarkson song

    Walkin' by myself I know
    This lonely road's becomin' my new home
    But I don't stop, I just keep movin' on
    And on
    Ain't no need to dry my eyes
    I haven't cried in quite some time
    Every day I fight it
    You know it's possible
    You say

    Can't change the winds, you say
    Won't matter anyway
    Can't reach that far 'cause it's impossible
    It's impossible
    Can't rise above this place
    Won't change your mind so I pray
    Breakin' down the walls
    Do the impossible



  • A, I'm sick of rude people. If you're going to throw a hissy fit and yell at people who are trying to serve you, then why don't you just stay the fuck home.

    B) was in a minor car accident. See? People don't pay any attention. If you're going to be fucking oblivious, why do you have a license?


    I'm glad to be home.

  • Rating Men?

    I just saw on GMA about some App some woman made, where you can rate men.

    yes, rate men. Then all these women can look at this app and see what rating these men have gotten.

    What kind of crazy bull shit is that? It's a woman only app. Only women are allowed in. And they check off all the good and bad qualities and these guys, without their consent, are given a rating from 1-10.

    I think we ALL know that if an app was made like that for women, most women would be all up in arms about it.

    So why would you even think about doing that for men?

    Seperating then men from the man child?

    Holy crap!

    That's just not even funny.

    How would you feel if men did that to YOU? Think about the reverse situation! I mean, geez, I would hate that, so there is NO WAY IN HELL I could ever even support something like this.

    Gahhhh, some women need to pull THIER heads out of THEIR asses.

    That is some kind of crazy bull shit.

  • This walk gets very lonely...

    How cryptic can I be here...


    Most people would probably say that they've wanted something they can't have. Hey, it's part of our nature, right? 

    There's a lot of things (some are not "things", though. Actually most aren't) that I want and I know I can't have. 

    And to be honest, this walk just gets extremely lonely...

    I love this song. I love the lyrics to it. Who wouldn't love to hear this?

    "Close your eyes
    Let me tell you all the reasons why
    You’re never going to have to cry
    Because you’re one of a kind
    Yeah, here’s to you
    The one that always pulls us through
    You always do what you got to do, baby
    Because you’re one of a kind."


  • Love Long Hair! :)

    I feel like it's been a while since I've taken a pic of the length of my hair, lol. I know, I know... You care so much


    Well, it's kinda hard to see, isn't it, haha. I'm wearing a brown shirt and I guess my hair just kinda... you know... blends right in. But it's longer! laughing

    From the front... Also, maybe you can tell? ha, but I cut my own bangs. Honestly, I didn't do a super terrible job. It's a little shorter on the sides, but oh well! lol  At least they don't look super bad. 

    Well, that's the best I'm even going to try for, for now. ha! But you get the idea!


    I love having longer hair! And so far, I'm not sick of it and thinking of cutting it. So.... that is good! silly

  • What I did today...

    Well, lets see...

    woke up early to go to the parade. We had some company, this year. Mister Benjamin.

    Then I went to Target with my mommy... (Again reminded of how effing annoying people are, when you're shopping with kids. I'm disciplining my kid, guys, MOVE THE EFF ALONG AND QUIT YOUR EFFING STARING, YOU DAMN IDIOTS. one day, I really want to say that to people. Like, seriously, MOVE THE F@#$ ALONG!)

    Moving on... happy

    Played outside in the water with Bri.

    the neighbor kids were out, that was a joy.

    We relaxed and brianna ended up napping on the floor. This is good for me. However, she wakes up cranky.

    We had dinner!

    The neighbor kids bugged us some more. You know, the boys don't bother me much. They bother Brianna more. But their 12 year old sister is going to be the death of me, I tell ya. Her mom was like, "Miss Megan doesn't want to see every trick you can do on your skateboard, go walk with your brothers and take evan home!!"



    She's not always nice, to be honest. I won't get into it... okay sure I will. A couple years ago, they gave us some of their old toys, that they were going to throw out. one was a scooter. Brianna really likes that scooter. She saw it and said, "We want that back. We want to give it to our cousin". and then her and her brother started to take it away from Bri and Bri freaked out. That's when I had basically had enough. I was thinking, nope, you gave it to us, not let us borrow it, and if you make my daughter cry like that.... grrrr...

    We went out and saw fireflies. Tried to catch some...

    then I had no one to be with me during fireworks, so miss Bri and I just walked down and saw them by ourselves. She sang throughout the entire fireworks display... Oh.My. And all these people still setting off fireworks can feel free to finally shut up anytime! It'd be MORE than welcome!

    Now, I'm enjoying some chocolate chip cookies!


    Hope you all had a great day!

    *I'm too lazy to post pics*

  • Hump Day Pics!

    happy hump day. here's some pictures I took over the last couple weeks. haven't been much in the mood or anything, but... yeah.

    she looked so much more grown up here, it wasn't even funny! Ugh. lol


    This is her little beach, lol

    The girl has style.

    So sometime ... whenever, we took a mini road trip up to Frankenmuth. Anyway, these are pics I got on the drive to and from...

    In the shape of a chicken, lol

    Have a good hump day! :)

  • I like this picture :)

    And I like these lyrics to this song I heard tonight, by a group I've never heard of before... Fifth harmony.

    I’ll never be that girl again
    I’ll never be that girl again

    My innocence is wearing thin
    But my heart is growing strong
    So call me, call me, call me
    Miss Movin’ On
    Miss Movin’ On