February 11, 2014

  • Red!


    I dyed my hair. now it’s got some red :P . First time i ever did that by myself. I don’t think I quite did it enough, but that’s probably for the best. At least its not something super dramatic, lol. but I like it.

    I am tired.

    And I feel like I made a bit of a breakthrough. :)

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  • Red for Valentines month. Sounds good. I think a mild red tone is good for a first time, so you can see if you like it, you can always go bolder later if you care to, but had you done super drama at first and didn’t care for it, reversal is a lot harder. Did you use a wash in like Nice-N-Easy?

  • It is very pretty!

  • I love to see gals with multi-colored hair. I cannot get my wife to do it.

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