March 2, 2014

  • I almost am left wondering…

    For a while, I was on an anti depressant. I thought this was a good thing and, at first, I felt it was working…

    But then it felt like it wasn’t… and then I went off of it cold turky, went through the withdrawl, which is hell…

    and I was left worse off than I started?


    I’m wondering if maybe I should look for more natural ways to beat this…

    Because I’m walking around in a fog. Like a zombie. I constantly think of what death would feel like and it starts to seem like a good idea. I literally walk around feeling like everything is hopeless. I can’t even imagine any type of change.

    Well… this is just all wrong to me.

    So not sure what to do about that, but just a thought I was having. Quite frankly, the waves of all the different emotions I have is driving me insane and I’m sooooo tired.

    I apologize for my being a pessimist.

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  • I wish you well. I take a bunch of medications and every time I try to quit one, I pay for it and resume taking it agin.

    My wife needs one to calm her nerves.

    I think medication is a good idea. Sorry it is problematic for you.

  • There are different natural alternatives for different symptoms. You can try Googling them. Sorry you’re feeling bad. Hope you feel better soon.

  • you are doing a lot all by yourself. i prefer you to be alive

  • Thinking of you today.

  • that’s why antidepressants scare me so much. You hear all the side effects, and you hear what happens when one stops taking them. It’s like a trap.

    I can’t imagine what honest, true blue depression feels like. I know it’s not the same when I’m just feeling down in the dumps. But when I am, I look for things that cheer me up. fishing, certain shows, talking with certain people.

    I know it may not work for you, but a super-heatlhy diet and maybe those other things may work.

    Maybe find a depression message board and look for natural treatments. I wouldn’t ask someone who sells them, they’re likely to say whatever just to get you to buy. but ask someone that has used them with some success. I’m sure there’s folks like that out there.

  • You must have known I was thinking about you last night, wondering how you were, wanting to share some time with you. I was. And today you stopped by to say hi. That made me so very happy. Thank you.

  • Just was checking to see if you still were blogging here. Also, was hoping you were coping well and how you decided to deal with the anti depressants.

  • You are still thought of.

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