July 3, 2013

  • Hump Day Pics!

    happy hump day. here’s some pictures I took over the last couple weeks. haven’t been much in the mood or anything, but… yeah.

    she looked so much more grown up here, it wasn’t even funny! Ugh. lol


    This is her little beach, lol

    The girl has style.

    So sometime … whenever, we took a mini road trip up to Frankenmuth. Anyway, these are pics I got on the drive to and from…

    In the shape of a chicken, lol

    Have a good hump day! :)

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  • I was first!!! Great pics!

  • Willow had the same pool as your daughter but Willows was her home not a pool ahah and was blue. She has had so many upgrades to her house, the pool was upgrade number 2. She use to stick her snout and paws over and watch Jordan play StarCraft. When I figured that out she got a new home with bigger walls aha.

    Anyways enough about Willow. Your daughter, the picture where she looks so grown up is pretty cute. She is going to be stunningly beautiful when she gets older, good genes from her mama. :)

    Happy hump day.

  • Happy humpty hump day!

  • it’s like friday for me,  I’m off work tomorrow and friday   your daughter is lovely and I love her beach and that she’s playing in it…I’ve tried taking pictures through the windshield but they all come out with bug splatters on them….perhaps I should clean the darn windshield!

  • love the first pic.   lol

    some cool barns and farm shots

  • you have got beautiful pictures here :)

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