July 5, 2013

  • What I did today…

    Well, lets see…

    woke up early to go to the parade. We had some company, this year. Mister Benjamin.

    Then I went to Target with my mommy… (Again reminded of how effing annoying people are, when you’re shopping with kids. I’m disciplining my kid, guys, MOVE THE EFF ALONG AND QUIT YOUR EFFING STARING, YOU DAMN IDIOTS. one day, I really want to say that to people. Like, seriously, MOVE THE F@#$ ALONG!)

    Moving on… happy

    Played outside in the water with Bri.

    the neighbor kids were out, that was a joy.

    We relaxed and brianna ended up napping on the floor. This is good for me. However, she wakes up cranky.

    We had dinner!

    The neighbor kids bugged us some more. You know, the boys don’t bother me much. They bother Brianna more. But their 12 year old sister is going to be the death of me, I tell ya. Her mom was like, “Miss Megan doesn’t want to see every trick you can do on your skateboard, go walk with your brothers and take evan home!!”



    She’s not always nice, to be honest. I won’t get into it… okay sure I will. A couple years ago, they gave us some of their old toys, that they were going to throw out. one was a scooter. Brianna really likes that scooter. She saw it and said, “We want that back. We want to give it to our cousin”. and then her and her brother started to take it away from Bri and Bri freaked out. That’s when I had basically had enough. I was thinking, nope, you gave it to us, not let us borrow it, and if you make my daughter cry like that…. grrrr…

    We went out and saw fireflies. Tried to catch some…

    then I had no one to be with me during fireworks, so miss Bri and I just walked down and saw them by ourselves. She sang throughout the entire fireworks display… Oh.My. And all these people still setting off fireworks can feel free to finally shut up anytime! It’d be MORE than welcome!

    Now, I’m enjoying some chocolate chip cookies!


    Hope you all had a great day!

    *I’m too lazy to post pics*

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