July 12, 2013

  • Impossible

    Love finding old songs that I've never heard before. and by old, I mean 2009, lol. I'm like, where was I In 2009? Oh. right.I didn't care so much about music back then. Gotcah. I'm slightly drunk righ tnow, forgive me.

    I should do a drunk vlog. that would be a hoot. not.silly maybe, actually, I dunno...

    But lyrics of the night... It's a kelly clarkson song

    Walkin' by myself I know
    This lonely road's becomin' my new home
    But I don't stop, I just keep movin' on
    And on
    Ain't no need to dry my eyes
    I haven't cried in quite some time
    Every day I fight it
    You know it's possible
    You say

    Can't change the winds, you say
    Won't matter anyway
    Can't reach that far 'cause it's impossible
    It's impossible
    Can't rise above this place
    Won't change your mind so I pray
    Breakin' down the walls
    Do the impossible



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