July 15, 2013

  • One last time, folks.

    I pretty much gave up on the idea of vlogging. Once I felt like I was just talking to myself, lol. Buuuttttt, the only way to have fun with it is to answer questions. Sooo, I figure, one last time! Or, at least, one last time before we find out what happens to xanga for sure, lol.

    So, if you want to help me have a little fun with my next, possibly last, vlog... then ask me a question! happy

    It can be anything. I don't care. silly

    *just reminded me, I need to edit pics from like that last two weeks or so. gah, I got off! Wait, that didn't sound right. winky*

    Okay, ask away!


    And have a good grumpy monday!

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  • Questions: (plural) OK?Best decision you ever made.Your biggest goal in life right now.Your biggest mistake or second one if the first one is too personal. For me:1. Going to college and graduating in 8 years.2. Go to Hawaii to celebrate my 80th birthday.3. Looking at soft porn when I was 14---that took me 10 years of my adult life to over come, but I did.

  • What do you like with your chocolate?

  • How come you are so totally awesome? I mean do you practice being awesome or does it just come naturally? I, for one, love your awesomeness!

  • How did you get to be so beautiful?

  • What is your favorite memory with your daughter?

  • You are to make me a sandwich. Tell me what kind?Would you visit or live in a nudist colony?Would you eat worms? The world will end in two days. Where would like to be when it ends. What would like to be doing?If nothing would happen to you, what is the one thing that is against the law or morally/ethically wrong that you would like to doTime travel has been invited. You can go forward or backward in time. You can not interact, only observe. You can spend up to 24 hours at a time where ever you go. Where/what time period would you go and why. 

  • What's your opinion on guys with foreign accents?

  • Our life is so containing more beauty, life, excessive pressure, but China's social organization is only able to bring us to survive inside gray areas.Thank you for visiting our shop Hublot watches worldwide.And then we wish to become ingratiate themselves with friends, breaking China's watch industry and the Chinese network port

  • Your most embarrassing, moment?  Most cherished possession?  (no family members, too easy)Thing you want more than anything else?  (Tangible item, not love or security or something like that)

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