July 12, 2013

  • Rating Men?

    I just saw on GMA about some App some woman made, where you can rate men.

    yes, rate men. Then all these women can look at this app and see what rating these men have gotten.

    What kind of crazy bull shit is that? It’s a woman only app. Only women are allowed in. And they check off all the good and bad qualities and these guys, without their consent, are given a rating from 1-10.

    I think we ALL know that if an app was made like that for women, most women would be all up in arms about it.

    So why would you even think about doing that for men?

    Seperating then men from the man child?

    Holy crap!

    That’s just not even funny.

    How would you feel if men did that to YOU? Think about the reverse situation! I mean, geez, I would hate that, so there is NO WAY IN HELL I could ever even support something like this.

    Gahhhh, some women need to pull THIER heads out of THEIR asses.

    That is some kind of crazy bull shit.

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  • While immature, I could understand if it was with their consent, but without it?  WTF is the purpose then?  It’s like the adult version of the “pink notebook” that girls used to pass around in junior high…

  • I’m rated XXX at the moment. Hmmm

  • What is that? An Angie’s list for men? Strange!

  • The world is so amazing these days. I love the attitude that some women have.

  • Eghads!  That is childish, HOWEVER, if a man is abusive then HELL YEA I’m for it if it saves another woman from going through the same thing.  But for stupid things like his breath smells or he has a hairy back (eeks) that is just childish.  Perhaps the Police should have a public record for arrests or complaints on people.  At least those would be more truth than just a woman scorned.

  •  wait, are they rating them on their looks like HotorNot.com? That’s been around for ages, but was for both sexes, and people would submit themselves. (My father submitted me years ago. which is how I first found out about it) Stupid site. Based on vanity and superficial ratings, not knowing the people’s hearts or demeanors at all. I fared pretty well at the time, but I believe it could hurt people’s feelings if they don’t get a good score, and rating is subjective. Maybe one person has a billion friends and so would get more ratings than someone cute and shy, but when that cute shy person without friends, looking for validation that they are ok, doesn’t get it, then that might push them to retreat more. I think this site you mention would be similar. Also I noticed those being slutty and showing more cleavage, or guys with no shirts got high ratings. Of course. Such is our society today. What is that encouraging? Young pre-teens to think they need boob jobs and bikinis to be appreciated? Men have to be buff to be liked? Pfft. Not good. Besides now adays half the people would probably photoshop themselves or use someone else’s pic as some do even on sites like Xanga and FB.If it’s more than just looks, that is a bit better, but not much because what is good for one person is not for another, and as someone above mentioned, a scorned woman can be brutal sometimes, so it may give some Joe who forgot her birthday, or lost interest and broke up, a bad rap even if he really isn’t such a dog.

  • The only men I rate are Chippendales who used to be in 98 degrees… :-OBeyond that, I try not to focus on superficial shit like rating people.  I have better things to do with my time.

  • I think I really like you. I hate to make a snap judgement, but the fact that you saw the duplicity involved in a site like that means you are way above many people when it comes to thinking intelligently. I agree with your thinking. Am I upset by the site? No not actually, because sites like that abound for both sexes, that doesn’t make either one a good idea, and a site like that regardless if it is about men or women simply reduces them to nothing more than bodies subjected to bombardment of nothing more than personal whim and opinion.  Oh well it changes nothing, and probably never will, but I appreciate your candor and applaude your intelligent thoughts.

  • I remember there was a gaming app called “Train Your Boyfriend.” Basically, you are a girl training your boyfriend, and in the app, you have him on a dog chain that you can yank. You can also scold, zap, and beat him (read: hit, slap, strangle) in this game. Like this website, surely if the genders were switched, everyone will be up in arms. http://jezebel.com/5979986/theres-an-iphone-app-that-rewards-you-for-beating-up-your-boyfriend

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