Month: September 2013

  • My mistake

    was being way to open on here to begin with…

    Oh well…

    I’m just a little down. that’s all.

  • Still Ill!

    Yes, that’s right. Still sick. boo.

    The other morning, at around 3 am, I had that “feeling”. I couldn’t sleep and knew it was coming. I threw up.

    I hate throwing up with a royal passion. It was awful. I’m still not sure why, lol.

    I still have a cold and my neck hurts. I just feel physically week. And we’ve had out of town family in for a visit, so it’s been busy and all I’ve wanted to really do is sleep. And yesterday my cousins and all their kids came over. Ugh. that’s 6 children! I was one who ended up outside with them all.

    Anywhoo, today is a take it easy day. I just want to feel better!

    Now, off to drink my tea! And one of these days, I swear, I’m gonna catch up with many of you, cause I hardly ever just sit and really read anything these days. So sorry!

  • Soooo Important!

    First of all, thank you to those of you who left such nice comments on my last post. I am sick with a cold, and supposed to be napping, but I can’t breathe and, therefore, I’m up… thinking! What am I thinking about? Well, here goes…

    Having kids is such a HUGE responsibility. Yet, many people just jump right into parenthood without much of a clue. I mean, yeah, there’s no perfect time and you can’t ever be “ready”, but there are also good indicators of BAD times to have kids.

    If you think having a child will help your struggling relationship, wrong. If you can’t afford to have a baby, not good. If you don’t have space for a baby, not good. Now, if something happens and a baby comes into the picture, you make do and you figure it out, but to actively STRIVE for a baby? Not good…

    For a long time, I decided that I just wanted to be a mom. I really wanted to be the typical stay at home mom, maybe who used cloth diapers and made her own baby food, etc… However, that didn’t pan out. Things suddenly went in a spiral for me.

    You realize maybe a little too late, that the person you just created life with is lazy and/or isn’t all with it. You don’t have as much support and help as you imagined having. I didn’t. I still don’t. I mean, my husband does do stuff, but we’re not a team. When he would get sick, the world was over and I had to cater to his every whim. When I am sick? Tough. I got a kid to take care of.

    I don’t care what your job is. At the end of the day, if you have a kid, you take care of your kid. I don’t care if youe wife or husband stay home, once you’re home from work, you are 100% supposed to be involved in YOUR kids life. I don’t care what excuse you can make up! You dont’ get a free pass to be a lazy son of a bitch. You come home from work and you PARENT your child. You don’t leave that on your spouse.

    There are plenty of single parents who DO IT ALL. Why do you get to be a lazy ass? Hmm? There are moms and dads out there working 2 damn jobs to support their kids, still come home and have to take care of their kids. If you are whining about being tired from work, SUCK IT UP, PRINCESS. You created life. You are now responsible for that life.

    And for dads, for the love of god, appreciate the sacrifices the mother of your children made to bring them into the world. Pregnancy and labor aint no joke and it’s serious stuff. For me, it was hellish at times. The least you can do is help out a bit and suck it up. Deal with the emotions and hormones. You’re not having to personally do it, so be a man and HELP OUT in whatever way you can and don’t bitch about it. All you really had to do was orgasm, I think you can put in effort somewhere else and, you know, be a decent human being.

    bottom line, you create life, you take care of it. Don’t leave it up to someone else to do it. And if you can’t manage that, then take precautions to keep it from happening. For the love of God, REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT IT IS AND DON’T DO IT. If you’re truly NOT ready, DON’T DO IT.

    That is all for today. Phew.

  • New Haircut! :)

    2013-09-19 16-30-18.422


    Not that it looks THAT different, lol. I’m keeping it long. :) But I always get a picture after a haircut and i figured, geez, i haven’t posted in a while, so why not! :)

    Hope you all are doing amazing! <3

  • Wooo spam!

    I’ve only had to delete, oh, 24 spam comments on here, today.

    Love signing in and seeing 5-6 new spam comments.

    Good Grief!


  • Pictures

    In an effort to cheer myself up… I’m having a down day. Need some strength. Or something. So, here are some pictures I wanted to share. Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy and believe I have nothing to offer this world. But … This is… important to me. So I’m sharing it. Sorry if they are small. Not sure how to fix that…

















  • Positive Motivation

    (I was going to post a vlog, but I can’t figure out how to link a youtube video)

    I think training with kickboxing is good for me. I feel powerful. I feel strong. I feel capable. It’s good for my confidence. So this is some of my motivation. I feel like I’m going to come away stronger. I’m a fighter.




    And this picture is just a random one I wanted to show you guys. :) I can do it. I’m in a place where I swear… I’m going to do it. I’m a fighter. I’m not a quiter. I’ve got my gloves on and I’m ready for it. Bring it.


  • Made Some Cards! ;)

    This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long, long, long time! And today, I did it! I ordered some cards, used some of the pictures I had and yay! Can’t wait to do more!


    Today, just another success!

    Hecckkk yeah! Also… I LOVE kickboxing.
    At the end of the piloxing dvd I have, she ends the same way she ends all her classes, I guess. “Sleek, sexy, powerful!” I LOVE that.

    Just two things I’m passionate about! Picture cards and kickboxing!

  • A Special Project

    well, not super special, but… lol I mean, if you want to call washing trash cans “special” ;-) But no, this was a project I set out to do and today it got done. I mean, look at how clean those trash cans look (Oh, one of them is a clothes hamper). Also, notice the picnic table. Used to be pretty black with dirt, but now look at it! :) proud moment of the day. I’m just thankful for rubber gloves and an mp3 player.


    And a bonus pic for the hell of it. Brianna wanted me to be a cow… Mooo!


  • A 2.0 Picture


    Well, that would be my first 2.0 pic uploaded! :)

    Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!