September 23, 2013

  • Still Ill!

    Yes, that's right. Still sick. boo.

    The other morning, at around 3 am, I had that "feeling". I couldn't sleep and knew it was coming. I threw up.

    I hate throwing up with a royal passion. It was awful. I'm still not sure why, lol.

    I still have a cold and my neck hurts. I just feel physically week. And we've had out of town family in for a visit, so it's been busy and all I've wanted to really do is sleep. And yesterday my cousins and all their kids came over. Ugh. that's 6 children! I was one who ended up outside with them all.

    Anywhoo, today is a take it easy day. I just want to feel better!

    Now, off to drink my tea! And one of these days, I swear, I'm gonna catch up with many of you, cause I hardly ever just sit and really read anything these days. So sorry!

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