September 6, 2013

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  • Nice pic. Glad your still around. Missing a lot of people, I guess they didn't donate or go premium.

    You have a nice weekend to.


  • You and I are about even with this 2.0 Xanga. I did figure out how to add photos and today could enlarge them.

    My site looks awful right now. lol I have to do something with it.


  • Yay; it worked!!!

  • I joined up. Can you get to my site?

  • Pretty. :-)

  • Gorgeous shot, hope you have a nice weekend too.

  • Passing on some important information:
    Name Link not Working?

    If you notice that names in comments are no longer clickable and the avatars lead to a ‘not found’ page, do this: Top right, of your screen where your cute lil avatar is, chose Edit Profile. Scroll through and look for the space next to Website. Add in your xanga address (eg. and this make it so that your name becomes a clickable link. It still does not work with your avatar image however.

    Try this! It worked for me!
    HUGS!!! :-)

  • Pretty. Maybe make it bigger?

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