January 5, 2014

  • Going Bonkers!

    Between this stupid snowstorms, old nightmarish memories surfacing and hardly any sleep, I'm going bonkers! bonkers bonkers bonkers.

    So far, though, I've managed to keep up my taking a picture every day, whether I feel like it or not. Really. Yesterday, I just wanted to hide and cry all day. I did cry most of the day. I haven't had much space. I don't get a lot of space. But when I'm desperate, I will find it and cry and hope no one notices...


    Yesterday, I really wanted to get grocery shopping done before the stupid snow got here, because we needed to do it anyway! And I was trying to work on getting this house in order, you know laundry and shizz like that, but we got an emergency call... My aunts sprinkler, in the front yard, was just spitting water. Yeah, the pipe split... Probably due to the cold.


    For him, it's an unflattering pic, lol. But do you see the water spitting out? Yeah...

    Didn't take long to get it turned off. Then we were just over there ALL day. All day... All day...

    I was fighting panic attacks all day. It was rather lovely.


    A result of that sprinkler...


    Frozen little bush!


    She's got great style. cracks me up. And good god she's getting tall. It's so bizzarre. She's such a big girl. What the ever loving heck!


    I sat and read this book. Under a blanket. In between crying sessions.


    and by the time we left, frozen snow! Thanks to all that lovely water.

    We left at 10, headed to the grocery store by 10:30 and I swear the apocolypse was happening. I walk into kroger and the shelves were bare! The produce... well there wasn't much...

    And the snow had begun, so I was speeding through my shopping and missed those staples like, you know, eggs and bread... This lady behind me couldn't believe they were out of Milk and bananas! I didn't need milk, but yeah... no bananas and I wanted those too, lol.

    Then I finally got home, took a shower at 11:30 at night and then drank wine and had a bunch of mini red velvet cupcakes. don't judge. The alcohol made me sleep, lol. For a little while at least.

    And then I woke up all stiff with a headache!

    And bring on the stupid effing snow...


    That was my lunch (they say not to post pics of food on Facebook anymore. So ha! here you go xanga! lol)


    Naked dora showcasing bracelets!


    My daughter taped this kleenex to a paper and I had no clue what she was doing... then I saw her drawing and thought that was pretty creative! lol


    I'm... not sure, lol.


    My snack tonight. I know better than to have coke. sue me. I shoveled 4 times. I still have some to do. Coke and chocolate are a must, right now. *burp*


    I swear I'm going to bury that fence! lol


    See, now it's windy and it's all drifting ;)


    Did I mention I hate winter? Yeah... I hate winter. In all the years living here, never have had to shovel this much. First time for everything!

    But I gotta work tomorrow, despite it all. And bri is on her 3rd snow day. So yay! Yeah. Yay!

    No. No. NO. No more snow.



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  • I love this post telling us what you have been up to, esp. with all the picture. I'm glad you were able to help your aunt with her water problem. Probably saved her a bunch of money. I like how the spewing water then froze encapsulating each little branch.
    Bri's tissue sail is creative. You have a smart little girl, and as for that next pic., possibly spidergirl? IDK.
    Coke and chocolate sound good to me. You deserve them.

  • woah woah woah. Why are YOU doing the shoveling? Isn't a certain someone home all the time now? lol

    I still love the snow. Shoveling is a good excuse for me to get off my ass and get some exercise. That and sledding. I love sledding. But it's so friggin flat where we live now, not too many places to go. The few places there are, get crowded fast.

    At least the ruptured sprinkler made for some good pics! Just make sure the rest of them are turned off or they'll burst too.

  • good pics.

  • Good photos like this tell a lot.

    Sounds like life is busy. I do all of the grocery shopping--90% of the time. I go by a list. If my wife comes with me she goes by impulse.

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