November 23, 2013

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    I am sending out some Thanksgiving cards. If you'd actually like one, you can... Ohh, hmm, there is no message feature, lol. Well, you can send me your address and I'd send you one. But hmm... Anyway!

    Next week, I will be babysitting a two year old. Just for 3 days. I have to wake up at 6 am and I'll have her between 7-5:30. In there, gotta get Bri to school and picked up and on day 3 she only has a half day of school. So, I will experience what life would be like with two.

    There is this small part of me that wishes she was like a baby baby. lol I want to get my baby fix. But she's 2. She's super cute though! I'm going to take her out for walks and I just wish all of Bri's crayons weren't broken... (brianna purposefully broke them all), but we've got so many coloring books and she can color. And I have so many books i can read to her. And we'll watch Mickey Mouse, cause she loves Mickey Mouse. I know I will be tired. but hey, I'm gonna earn some money!

    My aunt is not much better. When she fell, she was actually passing out. She has Afib. So that was a problem. Then her hemoglobin went from 14 down to 8 in a month and in one day it went down to 7. So she's losing blood somewhere. They want to do a colonoscopy. And she has a mass in her lung. So yeah. Off to the hospital to visit her today.

    Have a good day.

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  • So sorry to hear about all your aunts complications. I hope she can rest ok in the hospial and they find the source of the problem.

    Have fun with the babysitting.

  • $$ and then you get to give her back. the best of both worlds. ;-)

  • Let's hope your aunt gets better, and that baby sitting is/was fun. I recall when my wife had to leave me alone with the children. It never failed---she would be gone two minutes and I would have to change a gross diaper. I smoked a cigarette so I would not gag. It was awful. My wife thought I was a big baby.

  • Hope your aunt gets better and good luck babysitting.

  • You can send me a card and I'll send you one back! send it to 14622-2027.

  • How is your aunt?

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