November 21, 2013

  • Overwhelmed

    Yes, here comes another bitchy complainy post of mine. I'm not fooled about what people think of me. I know I'm a bitch. But... I gotta get this out.

    So my husband quits his job. Lose our insurance. No longer have paychecks coming in. Now it's a struggle to figure out how to get the damn groceries. All the help I was getting, I owe about $500. No way to pay it. I'm sure they'll come after me. Can't stay on my meds. What did I do all that for? Really, why did I even bother getting help?

    This is the perfect time of year to have all this happen too. Yeah, thanks.

    My aunt fell. She had a stroke a while back. So she fell today... My mom had to go over there and take care of her.

    My gramma has COPD and now bronchitis and she's been sick for a couple weeks now. Her blood pressure was 98/40 yesterday. She's currently lying face down on her bed groaning. She says she's okay, but... I just keep checking to make sure she's still breathing.

    pretty sure my mom got another notice to pay the mortgage or whatever. She can't afford this house. I wonder when we're all going to be kicked out.

    Why not just go be homeless? I mean, really...

    I'm overwhelmed.

    Add to that nightmares and flashbacks and shit like that.

    I'm just overwhelmed.

    But I'm so soo soooo sorry to everyone who has to put up with me and my bitchy self. You can all carry on with life and just forget me. Really. I get it. I do...

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  • Why do I feel like I saw the job quittage coming? Because I feel like he needs you to be unwell. If you're well you might leave him. So if he takes away your ability to get help...

    I'm really sorry about your grandmother and aunt's health. It's always something, isn't it. Just when you start to feel like you might see a glimmer, here comes another challenge.

    I can't believe anyone would consider you bitchy. Megan I think you're one of the mose genuine, most giving people in all the world. Those are gifts worth something. And you're the kind of friend worth having, high above selfish, judgmental, head in the clouds, know it alls who elevate themselves by putting others down.

    Of course you feel overwhelmed. You appear to be the only sane one of the bunch. How ironic is that. ;-)

  • I am very sorry that you are going through his. You are not a bitch at all. Anyone would be worried and upset with all of this happening. It is terrible.

    I am sorry this is happening to you.

  • I know prayers can't pay the mortgage, but I'm praying for you and your family. ::big ol hug::

  • Ditto the above comments, and prayers for you, your aunt, your grandma, and your mom.

  • You are not a bitch! I can understand how you can be totally upset by how things are and get upset with people - but that does not make you a bitch!

    I am sorry things are so bad! Hugs!

  • "Why do I feel like I saw the job quittage coming? Because I feel like he needs you to be unwell. If you’re well you might leave him. So if he takes away your ability to get help…"
    i agree with comment from princesspowers

    you are not bitchy and you have a good reason to vent about this. it is very irresponsible of him to quit before having a new job lined up and if he was fired, then he could get unemployment etc. i see it as just his way to continue his control over you and your life.

    i am sorry things are not going well right now. hugs

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