January 27, 2014

  • Bitch

    I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of people jus think I’m a bitch, lolol… And if they think that, might as well give it to ‘em?

    I’m a bitch. If you don’t like it, screw off.

    So I had a chat with my aunt, today. And even though we got yelled at and cussed at, I always learn new things.

    My dad went to jail when I was 14. I was not told all sorts of things, because I was too young. So now that I’m older, I learn more! And it’s fascinating!

    Like, now, I dislike my old church even more than I did before! This one lady I know, I guess, pulled my aunt aside in the church, when she was there picking up market day, and told her she wasn’t a real Christian. My aunts response was golden. “I am nothing more than what 3 quarters of the people in this church are”.

    lolololol. Hell yeah!

    I guess, if you wanna follow their line of thinking, this is what ya do! k? are you listening? Good. here we go.

    You find out your hubby is molesting your children. *unfortunately, it was church people that were told, wish I knew!*. You try to get help and get things in order for yourself, when your husband is arrested and charged. You then just get “legally separated”, as to not be divorced … because divorce is bad bad bad, no no no…. your “marriage vows” are way more important than the well being of you and your children, who have all been abused.

    So you know what? I’m glad I don’t go to that church. For those who would call that sect a cult, I’d almost have to agree. I am kinda dumbfounded. I mean, I knew that the pastor didn’t agree with divorce, but my own gramma? She didn’t want her divorced and she witnessed physical abuse. Saving face in your church is just so much more important than YOU ever are. That’s the lesson there. I’m sure God said somewhere in that damn bible of his, that you must endure abuse, because if you say “I do” in front of a crowd of people, and sign a legal document, you’re just stuck for life. And if your spouse fucks your own kids? Well, those marriage vows shall keep you trapped to an abusive fuck.

    What.The.Fuck. Exactly what bible are they fucking reading?!?!?

    Thank goodness that, in the end, reason got through to my mom and she did divorce the sack of shit. But it’s shit that it was her own fucking church that discouraged it. A load of shit.

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  • It’s ridiculous that anyone would allow child abuse. If a church does that, yes they are a cult.

  • I am sorry your family endured this. My own pastor was the one who told me it’s ok to get divorced if there is infidelity, said it says so in the Bible, and so I don’t know why your church taught otherwise. Shame on them. Your father broke the marriage vows by his behavior and therefore in the eyes of the Lord (according to most Christian churches) divorce should have been easily sanctioned. It’s not God who is screwed up, it’s that church it sounds like. They are not even following their own Bible right.

  • Your conclusions about what the Bible really says is correct.

    It is really very sad that any church would have that attitude. If it were not so serious, it would be funny, but it is tragic.

  • Oh by the way, you are not a ‘b’ gal–not at all.

  • stick to your guns for you havethe right views

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