January 14, 2014

  • Whee!


    For the life of me, I can't remember which pictures I've posted and which ones I haven't, so oh well.

    The crazy rollercoaster ride begins again on Thursday. I have two days of, somewhat, calm...

    I'm just SOOO super thankful I don't have to be over at my aunts when the physical therapist comes tomorrow! Phew!

    She may get discharged from physical therapy tomorrow, but... who knows. She wants her to try the basement stairs. And, she can randomly pass out and she's not always steady on her feet and that's why we didn't want her going near stairs, but... whatever.

    But I still have to be over there when the social worker comes.

    I suppose it's good I'm learning some of this now?

    Like how it's good to really plan your funeral down to the shoes you want to wear in your casket (unless, of course, you want to be burned). OY....

    Today, I was walking out to get the garbage can. I walk pretty fast. But then I had to remember! Ice! Our sidewalks are really icy. And even though it was "nice" out (I consider 40 degrees to be like summer, at this point), there was still ice. I fell last year :P Didn't want that to happen again. I've slid a few times, but thankfully no falls ;)


    Well, time to go ... I don't know what.

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