January 15, 2014

  • Night Time Panic

    Okay, just looking for some... suggestions?

    I'm actually, mostly, okay during the day. I've turned into more of a morning person than a night person.... which is ironic. However, sleep kind of scares me? I panic later at night. I feel very strange, like the world is ending and I just panic and freak out. The idea of "tomorrow" seems daunting and then I can't sleep.

    Not sure if it's because of flashbacks and nightmares or what, but I just panic at night!

    So any suggestions on how to handle that? I'm reading my "books" and I'm sure they'd have some tips. I just need to learn how to calm down. And it's rough, because deep breathing and what not I'm sure would work. It's just calming down to the point where you can "focus" on something else. I just kind of shut down and nothing seems to help. the idea of trying anything even seems hard.

    So I dunno!

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  • I listen to music and calming radio stations at night. Tunein_Radio is free and provides hundreds of stations. I like Hawaiian and Christian Music. To each their own.

    I rarely dream, but the theme is always the same and frustrating. lol

  • I also listen to music, National Public Radio often plays classical music. I also try not to eat too late or drink caffeinated drinks after noon. I used to get so restless at night I would play the piano or get lost in a drawing till 2 or three in the morning, then I had a hard time getting up for work.

    I still wake up sometimes at 2 am and toss and turn and can't get back to sleep for the longest time. I'll get up and play solitaire on the computer or look to see if anyone is on Xanga. Nobody ever is anymore.

    When I was younger I would have wild sex with my lover, but she doesn't like getting woken up for that any more! LOL!

    Calming music and just daydream about something you wish you could be or do. I sometimes pretend I am a super hero and I create a fantasy scenario in my mind where I fly like superman or have the strength of the incredible hulk. I try not to dwell on things that spin my head in circles, like day to day problems and such.

    I hope this helps you some. If you ever find that you can't sleep you can always send me a nice email telling me what a great superhero I'd make. Then when I can't sleep I can read it and drift away into my little fantasy world. Who knows, I might even fly over the tree tops and houses and save you from the super villains that are threatening your peace of mind. Dat Dat da daaaa!

  • I believe in guided relaxation, and sensory avoidance when need be. Self hypnosis for relaxation. I learned about it during my pregnancy and still carry those tools with me now. When I got my tattoo, I deeply relaxed through it with my self hypnosis which I'd learned from hypnobabies. My introduction to it was a download mp3 from their website, it's just a relaxation script (doesn't have anything to do with pregnancy etc). I think you could try listening to something like that with headphones at night. It helped me to choose to relax and trained my body to listen.

  • Well, I have no experience in this. I just get insomnia some nights. I could give you some of my reports from work, that'll put you to sleep! But I think maybe it's about thinking about good things.

    Read Bri a bedtime story. Put on a happy movie, or read yourself a happy book. Or happy music.

    Also, maybe read up and try lucid dreaming, dreaming where you can control your dreams. Then you'd look forward to going to sleep and having whatever dreams you want!

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