January 2, 2014

  • snow and soup


    Continuing on with my daily pics... damn snow. Snow snow damn snow.

    Bri did end up having a snow day. In fact, she has another snow day tomorrow.

    And the roads suck!


    I took out all of my agression on the snow. Just get a shovel ful and chuck that shit.


    And then I made soup. Cuz it's cold. Brrrr...

    And so, my aunt came home yesterday, right? Right. She fell this morning. Hurt her back. They did an xray and found an old fracture in her back. Anyway, she sprained it too... and so they gave her a shot and are giving her vikodin. Ahh, shit.

    And so speaking of that... she can't be left alone at all. She hasĀ a tendency to not use her walker... probably forgets. That would be the mini strokes.

    This is something that emotionally I'm just not ready for. Not at all. But none the less, here we are.

    My family is stressed out. And my mom can't hold it all together. So it has been said that whatever hours I'm able to be over caring for her, cleaning her house, etc. I will be paid. Because even going through a company or something to get 24 hour care, is expensive. So I guess...

    It's still something i'm not quite emotionally ready for, but yeah...

    so I worked like a dog to get the house here straightened up, went over there, blah blah blah...

    So that was my day.

    I'm hungry now. Gotta go eat and try to sleep. I can't sleep lately... not very well, at least.

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  • I forgot to mention--saw your earlier post--you are a very nice looking gal!!

    We also had to take care of family elderly---MIL and her sister for 5 years---the passed within a few months of each other. MIL was a piece of work!! I heard that angels in heaven charged with her care were asking God for transfers.

    Hope it all works out some way.

    I remember Snow days from living 20 years in the Mid-West---Michigan for 10 of them. I was so glad to move beck to California--my home state.

    Hope I hope your new year ends up well for you.


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