December 16, 2013

  • Michigan ... You suck.

    I know you ohio fans are probably like, "heck yeah!!"... and honestly, if Ohio doesn't have this same law, I'll just cheer right along with you.

    So I'm sure you've heard of the "rape insurance law"... passed by a bunch of white, rich, priveleged asshats? Yeah...

    Something started by a bunch of self centered whiny brats? Yep!

    "Well, I don't want my insurance to cover abortions, so YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE IT EITHER!!!"

    Wah wah wah, whine bitch moan...

    and then a bunch of stupid old cunts decided to pass it.

    and I don't care if anyone disagrees.

    You know, by passing that law, D&C procedures are also included. Therefore, if you are pregnant and have the misfortune of dealing with a miscarriage, YOU WON'T HAVE IT COVERED BY INSURANCE.

    Good work, cunts. Good work!

    Right to life of michigan, go suck it, cunts. Replubicans, go suck it, cunts.

    I don't feel like being nice. You want to tell me what I can and can't have covered by insurance, THAT I'M PAYING FOR, becuase you're a whiny little cunt? You can go die in a corner. YOu want to police my body? Go suck it, cunt. I have nothing nice to say to you.

    Hope your wife never has a miscarriage and needs that procedure done! Cause either you'd have to spend MORE money for a stupid rider, or just pay out of pocket, because of a bunch of whiny little cunts.

    Hope your wife, daughter, girlfriend don't get raped. Or get pregnant by their relative!

    You know, I would normally not wish rape or incest on anyone, but I think all these cunts should be raped repeatedly by someone they know, have their body and control invaded ... and then have tough decisions to follow, because they don't know anything about it. They need a taste of it, before they just pass laws that affect those who DO KNOW WHAT IT'S FUCKING LIKE.

    Bunch of effing cunts.

    and I don't care if you disagree with me. In fact, this is MY PAGE. If you dont' agree, click off now. I don't want to hear your opinion. Just go away. You want to boss me around? Well, BACK AT YOU, CUNTS.

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  • right on!!! you tell them!

  • Wow. I did not hear of that law, but I hear that some states are passing funny laws like that, or carrying guns in the open, etc.

    I think if people had this happen to them, they would feel different.

  • See, this is where I disagree with some on the pro-life side. There are other ways to stop abortions (I still think the best way is to work together to stop unwanted pregnancies in the first place).

    Insurance is private enterprise. And should stay that way. I honestly feel gov't needs to butt the hell out of insurance. No banning what they can cover. And no mandating what they MUST cover.

    If an insurance company wants to offer it, fine, I personally would not do business with them. If they don't, however, that needs to be fine as well.

    The issue I have with some that oppose laws like this, they want it the other way around. As in, all insurance companies MUST cover abortions. Which is just as stupid. (not saying you're one of them)

  • Also, just checked, D&C for miscarriage is indeed still covered under regular insurance. D&C for abortion is not.

  • C'mon! Don't hold back so much! ;-)

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