December 13, 2013

  • Not that anyone cares, but...

    I tend to open my mouth and just get myself into trouble. :)

    Last night was interesting. I used my voice and then things just kinda went crazy. It always kind of amuses me how some people never talk to me, until they have something they disagree with me about.

    But anyway, everything you say comes with a price.

    I need to focus on my daughter, me, keeping my life private, using a journal and staying the hell of the internet.

    C ya!

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  • I will keep you in my thoughts.

  • Same here. Many do not talk to me unless I say something the dislike. lol

    I tend to be quiet and private in real life.

    I am more real here than in 'real' life, but my real life is nice-- I still have my wife.

  • i care.

  • I feel you. I try not to talk at all outside of my comfort zone. Of course whenever I try I have a bad experience as well. I had one earlier this year where I ended up exclaiming to my husband that I would never speak again. He became upset with but I went back to silence for quite awhile. But he's right - one should not silence one's self just because of other people. We all need to use our voices and be heard. We are important too! Sometimes though being in the silence allows me to come back to myself and remember who I am.

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