October 25, 2013

  • I know what I want for my Birthday! :)

    Heh, my birthday isn't for a while, BUT, I know what I want! LOL. Will I actually get it? Well, that's a crap shoot! But a girl can dream ;)

    An ipod! A blue one! I learned that those little suckers have more to offer than just music and now I understand the price tag! lol *There's a lot I don't know*

    But yep!

    In other news, I am sick! I need my cough drops, some tea and some tv and rest. I hope that by next week, I can make up some new plan to get me through these days. We shall see.

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  • Sorry you are sick. I have been sick over a week. I have never owned an I-Pod, but have a Mini-I-Pad. I am not into music. I hope you get one. I don't think they are that expensive.I like nice things and just save up my money sometimes for years until I can buy it.

  • A blue ipod! Cool!

  • Now I feel naive and behind the times; What else do they do besides music?

  • Instead of an iPod (way overpriced, IMO), you should check out Android based mp3 players. They do all iPods can do and more for a fraction of the price!

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