October 24, 2013

  • Old Memory

    stephand me

    I was looking at this picture, the other night, and I started to tear up. Yeah anyway... lol

    Back when I was 18, out of highschool, not sure what to do with myself, my sister helped me come up with a college plan. Without even thinking about all the other details, cough money, that go into college, she helped me plan all 4 years, with what classes I would be taking and what not.

    My major was going to be Criminology and I was going to go to Eastern Michigan University.


    Obviously, that did not happen! But, it was fun thinking about how we sat down and planned it all out!

    While I did some study in psychology, nothing I could ever get a job with. I thought I wanted to be a social worker and then quickly changed my mind.

    My sister went for Early Childhood, because our church was pressuring kids to go off to christian colleges and, though she really wanted to be a nurse, their nursing program had a big wait. So instead of following her true dream, she went for early childhood for 2 years. Then she decided that, no, she wanted to be a nurse, and did a two year program at the community college for nursing.

    She is now a nurse on the mother/baby unit. She used to work on the burn unit. *shudders*

    I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a "title". "I'm a nurse. I'm a firefighter. I'm a computer programmer. I'm an artist. I'm a photogrpher. I'm a personal trainer". Etc... on and on.

    But aside from wanting to be a "rock scientist", in the second grade, my next big choice was to study criminal justice and be a detective. :) And yet... I still don't have any idea what I truly want to do, lol. Go figure.

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  • WHAT! You don't know what you want to be when you grow up?!? Neither do I!

  • You are not alone. I also spent several years attending college. While attending State Univ. of New York, Canton (adjacent to St. Lawrence University), I began working (no pay) at the campus radio station KSLU. It was this job that lit my fuse. This was during the Vietnam War and I received my Army Draft Notice. I joined the Navy instead and wound up serving 22 years on active duty as A Broadcast, Print and Photojournalist. I am a firm believer that spending some time volunteering (even if only an hour or two a week) that your opportunities to find your calling grow expedentially. - Peter, Editor: Blazing Blades.

  • a title and $3 will get you coffee. ;-) lol

  • I like kwantifiable's idea. Maybe you could volunteer at your sister's baby unit? Or at a hospital in some fashion? You can put your detective skills to work by finding out who keeps putting the adult diapers in the laundry! Ewww. Only in Michigan...

  • Titles:

    I'm 37 and stil not sure what I want to do. I'm working and paying bills at the moment. But, I know plenty of people who went back to school well into their 30's to pursue their dream job and pulled it off. I just hate school so I'm not going back lol

  • I like grim-truth's answer. You have many titles - and all good. I think you should pursue something in photography - you are very good at it. I never really had a title, just considered myself a jack of all trades, master of none. I did settle on I.T. and for a while had titles - but didn't like the political B.S. that came with them so went from Director of I.T. at two different companies to working at home as an I.T. consultant for another company and I am MUCH happier!!

  • BTW - love this picture!! There is nothing better in the world than having a sister :-)

  • I did not know what I was going to do for a living until I went to an Employment agency. They decided I would do well in insurance in claims and got a job doing that the rest of my life.

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