October 17, 2013

  • :(

    There is not any medication, or any amount of therapy, or any number of hugs that will ever, ever, ever take this pain away. It's haunting. It's torture. And I am stuck. I drag through my days. But I'm still here. But this holding on and being strong stuff? Yeah... not sure how much longer I want to do it.

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  • I am sorry you are going through this. Seek professional help and I am sure you know where to call. It is tough and I am sure I do not understand, but I am an old guy who knows you are hurting. I got help when I was 40 and it did help.

  • I am sorry! But I do think things can get better... I know that doesn't help much right NOW - but - ummm - maybe peanut butter M&Ms?

  • It is a constant battle for sure. The medication does not take away the pain. It just makes it so that on most days, you can conquer it. There will always be days where you feel defeated, but that defeated feeling is temporary.

  • Sigh. Sorry to hear.

  • :( i would truly miss you.

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