October 16, 2013

  • My Thoughts on This Picture

    Okay, so maybe I wouldn't go as far as to say she is "fat shaming", however.... There are those who think people getting up in arms over this picture are nuts.

    So here are my thoughts.

    First, I'm happy for this woman. She has obviously tained hard, she looks good and she's passionate about something and makes time for it, with 3 young boys.

    Secondly, I do, however, take issue with the "what's your excuse".

    No two lives are the same. And some moms out there can train all they want and they STILL won't look like HER after having 3, or even less, kids.


    I thought we knew that by now, but whatever. This is the society we live in.

    women have a ton of pressure on themselves to get back to there pre baby weight. We hear about it endlessly. Celebrities are "back in shape" after so many mere weaks, even though they have access to the best trainers and tons of money to boot.


    You may not have washboard abs. You may not want to train like an athlete. Maybe you're so stressed out, that the idea of just getting 30 minutes of a workout in a day is ENOUGH. You should be happy with that.

    What's their excuse? Please...

    So yeah, when I saw this picture, I took it one way and maybe other moms took it another. Some maybe find this positive inspiration and if that's the case then good. I however know others will just feel MORE pressure, feel WORSE about themselves.

    And to me, that is not a good message at all. Intended or not, it came across. And that is not positive. At all.

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  • Oh my gosh, I struggled with whether or not to write something about this same picture and woman. Did you read her non-apology for the picture and sensation?

    So, thank you for taking it on. She misses the point and misses it on purpose. I also seriously dislike this picture, not for the image but for the words. Just like you. Also for the words in her non-apology.

    Which include her history with an eating disorder.

    Which I would think, were she healthy mentally with that now, she'd understand the globality of her words which are purposely incriminating to others and self-glorifying to herself (that was redundant).

    I do not care for this woman at all. Not for her image, but for her words.

  • By the way, my mental answer to her question is, "Diastasis recti, you uninformed bitch."

  • Women are under pressure as you have stated. It is not fair and it is unreasonable. Time and life takes a toll and we have to be understanding. My wife worries about her appearance. She is not the same as when I first saw her physically, but to me she is still beautiful.

  • lol About the picture. She is a great looking gal, but in my opinion that is not a proper family photo for all to see.

  • I just try to be healthy and better myself. One good thing about not having Cable is I dont have to see the ads for food and then ads for weight loss. UG! And I do agree, everyone is different... but I also wonder (and this is from my own experience) if sometimes we say things like that so we dont have to exercise or get healthier ourselves because we are not rick enough or do not have enough time or whatever else we can think of. And now I have come to see that some of the things I blamed on my weight may just be about me also.. and that is a tough pill to swallow. For years I have thought I havent got females to date me b/c I was fat but now I am less fat and it hasnt improved. So, there is also something emotional going on there too I will need to work on.

  • Yeah! They could lose the "What's your excuse?" comment, huh?

  • I've seen the "What's your excuse?" question posted on many different pro-exercise/workout ads. It is one of those in your face and sensationalist quotes that will either inspire or outrage people. I'm glad she has a supportive husband who helps watch her kids so that she is able to workout and look as good as she does. For some people, it's a lot harder. For those who have debilitating illnesses, it's nigh near impossible. I try not to judge. I do think that those who are saying she is a terrible mother for working out are being too harsh. But I do understand why some people are upset. I myself have had a lot of trouble with working out because my ab muscles are destroyed by what I think is disastis recti.

  • This woman is a fitness model and probably works out with a very expensive trainer. One of her remarks on her site is that 'Yes, I have stretch marks' - I don't see them in this picture, which also tells me that the picture has been photoshopped. To that end, I concede that she is a fraud. You are a much better person because you are real.

  • I was going to comment about the photoshop on this picture, but someone already has. Not to say she does not look great because she does. Her breasts for sure have been shopped.

    If this woman really does have a history with eating disorders, she would have thought about the power of her words. I get the feeling her eating disorder is less in the past in more current than she lets on.

  • I like the expression on the 3yr old's face.

  • the crap load of hateful responses were uncalled for though. and the 'what's your excuse' is a work-out slogan, so I get it. I get both sides. I won't have s stomach like that without surgery. But there are moms who go back to flat stomachs and never step foot in a gym. Everyone is different, the point is to be your best... They could have chosen a different slogan for SURE! Like, 'Be the best you, no matter the obstacles' - but then someone would have said working out isn't your job and kids aren't an obstacle or something like that.

    • That's very true. I definitely DON'T agree with those who attacked her mothering at all. yeah, once it gets to that level, it's just stupid.

  • Oh the irony of using the "but it's a workout slogan" as an excuse.

  • so, if i worked out i could look like her? ;-)

    good post!!

  • My sister looked like that woman after her third kid, but she had to hire a personal trainer to stay that way. Incidentally she was fit as a fiddle before having kids, into sports and running all the time. Some people just don't care for that sort of life style. I used to be much fitter, athletic and active, but not so much any more. It is our decision how we want to live, but that decision is often governed by our genetic make up, upbringing, or other factors outside our control.
    My wife had more of a common physical appearance after her third son and I still find her attractive 30 years later!

  • I don't think it's that big of a deal. It's not fat shaming. It's really meant for people that WANT to look like she does. If people are happy with the way they are, then it's not even directed at them.

    What got on my nerves about the whole thing was, folks were commenting and hating on her without knowing anything about her or how much she works out. Basically, from what I read on it, she wanted to look good and be extremely fit, so she works out one hell of a lot. More than most people care to.

    But most people are happy with how they are or only want slight improvements, not perfection.

    so I really don't see the giant deal over it.

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