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  • Me too!!! Have a smile! :-)

  • Oh! It doesn't needed moderation this time! I can be unmoderated now! Woo Hoo!

  • it is an adjustment!

  • Can you access my site? Just curious.

    • No, I can't seem too! That stinks! But I hope they fix that soon? I dunno! Strange.

  • I am still getting used to it too.

  • I'm feeling very xanga unsavvy. LOL

    • haha, me too! This commenting is just ... different. Sheesh. Will take some getting used too! :P

  • There are a lot of things that are still shaking loose, and I can't quite figure it all out myself. Maybe by this time next year! :-)

    • ha, yeah. I don't have the patience right now. :P In time, we'll all learn! Hi there! :)

  • miss you!

  • hi.

  • It's pretty much just like WP.

  • I still can't figure out how to post lol

  • Oh hey, you're still here! For some reason I thought your account was being deleted b/c it was a free account, so I haven't checked here in a long time. Glad to see that I was wrong!

  • I just do what my wife says.

  • Oh wow it's nice to see a familiar face in this unchartered territory!
    Maybe you can take my hand and walk me through this place like a baby... if you don't mind that is...

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