Month: August 2013

  • Stony Creek Pictures

    This cute little squirrel. Climbed up and ate out of the birdfeeder. And when he was done...

    He needed a drink. lol....

    He was soooooo cute!

    I tried to get a pic when this guy was sticking out his tongue. But noooo, wasn't quick enough. And then he just slithered back and buried his head under that log and I'm like, gahhh!

    My favorite spot!!!

    see the turtle?

    all the reflections in the water were cool!

    I really like this picture, for some reason!



  • Can someone come take me away? please? pretty please?

  • Girl Days!

    This morning, I was a little down, sad, feeling panicky, wanted to cry, etc.

    But my sister came in and saved the day. I got the weekends confused. I thought next weekend she would be free and we'd go do something. It was actually THIS weekend. So, I was surprised in a good way! happy These days, she mostly comes over to take me to things like doctor appointments or stuff for Bri. Things like that. Not usually any fun stuff. So today, we had a girl day.

    We thought we'd go to the zoo, but the zoo was PACKED. I mean, people were parked on the grass around the outside of the place and the lines were forever long, sooooo, we skipped that! lol

    We drove all over the place, it seemed. We went into a place called Aquatots, to see how much swim lessons cost. We got a tour of the place.

    Then we went next door and had lunch at 2booli. I think that's how it was spelled. Yes, it had the two in it. Middle Eastern food. See, there's this restaurant near us called Grape Leaves. OMG! I love that place so much, but it's a bit pricey. So we went there instead and got the same type of food for a much better price. They have the most amazing garlic spread/dip. I was in heaven. I mean, it's been years. And I freaking love garlic!!

    Then we drove out to Stony Creek Metropark. I've only been there once and it was MANY years ago. Anyway, we went to the nature center and then did a little nature hike on the Reflections trail. The reflections in the water were AMAZING. I got some good pics and enjoyed it. I love stuff like that. Believe me! If I had my way, I'd do that everyday.

    Then we went toward the beach, to let Bri play on the playground. An... unfortunate incident occured, lol, and we had to cut our time short.

    We then drove to Coldstone and got ice cream, and then drove over to Party City.

    We got cokes, came home, talked some more...

    I love times like this, cause my sister and I can talk about SOOOO much stuff! happy

    Anyway, that helped take my mind off my earlier emotions. And tonight all my photo editing/uploading to facebook/etc... distracted me from thinking about any of it more. So that's good, too.

    And all that time outdoors today has made me sleepy!

  • Need Parenting Advice?

    Here's a tip, for those of you parents who need some advice...

    If you ever have a question about something, just find someone who doesn't have kids.

    They seem to have all the answers.

    Just FYI...


  • Pictures!


    Ohio. Most of my pictures, taken inside the car, SUCK! so I'm only showing a few, lol.

    I love open spaces like this!

    I wanna be a happy hooker! This woulda been funnier on hump day.

    My husband wanted a picture of this bird very badly. So I gave him the bird! winky (Thanks, Donkey, for that joke)

    Lake Erie!

    Okay, so we were close to Cedar Point. Never been there. I have a fear of heights, as it is, but after that poor lady fell off a rollercoaster in Texas, um.... yeah. No!

    I love these cone flowers!

    People have some very pretty landscaping around here...

    It was a beautiful day at the park


    Have a happy... damn! I'm a day late! I wanted hump day!

    Have a happy thursday. There's no fun in that. bummed


    Well, go out and have a happy hump day, if you know what I mean. I'll live vicariously through you. winky