August 3, 2013

  • Need Parenting Advice?

    Here’s a tip, for those of you parents who need some advice…

    If you ever have a question about something, just find someone who doesn’t have kids.

    They seem to have all the answers.

    Just FYI…


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  • Haha! Oh, so that has been my problem all along. Dammit! Haha!

  • I’ve heard that sometimes people who are removed from the situation give the best advice. That might just be in relationships and dating though

  • That pretty much applies to either a specialist or counselor when needed from my own experiences. And other times when a person has walked in our own shoes…then their advice seems to click and we are thankful for it. You are so right though, about them being emotionally uninvolved! 

  • Holy crap. LOL Oh Megs, looks like people agree, non – parents dole out the bestest parenting advice everrrr.  

  • My parenting advice would be just what I’ve heard and seen and perhaps how I was raised.  Experiences does tend to teach us how we ourselves will handle certain situations.  I think I will have a lot of help when J and I start our family, and yes, they, our friends, will most likely not have their own children.  So I think this is true.

  • Your forgot the [SARCASM ON] and {SARCASM OFF] tags! Spouses who do not involve themselves much in child rearing are also excellent sources of advice… Well – at least they know how everything should be done – and why aren’t you doing it that way???

  • Give it a bit and Overly Attached Girlfriend will have child rearing advice!

  • Aw c’mon. Are we non-parents really that bad?

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