January 16, 2014

  • Random Thoughts for the night...

    Brianna: "I can't sleep. every time I close my eyes, I see wizards!"

    Me: "You mean lizards?'

    Bri: "Oh. Yeah. Lizards"


    Today on the drive to my aunts.

    D: "You shouldn't judge someone by how they look on the outside"

    *a few minutes later*

    D: "I bet you that woman is anorexic"

    Ohhhh, lololol... :P Uh huh... whatever you say! :P


    My aunt is actually doing really well. She has been discharged from physical therapy, as she has refused any new treatment. I did however get her to want to do her exercises TWICE and she got dressed, went to the bathroom by herself, a few times, got up to fix herself an apple (she cut it up) and yeah. I have noticed quite an improvement in her.

    So, we shall see!

    And I'm irritated. My daughters teacher gave the students a coupon for ONE free book, at book order time. *sigh*. I put that darn coupon on the fridge and, surprise surprise, it went missing. and now, I'm angry. Because that's trashed money! It's a trashed book, basically. And I take that very seriously! You can laugh, but dude! It really sets me off and then I get really angry and irritated, lol. I wish people would PAY ATTENTION AND BE CAREFUL. GOD!

    That is all. After "working" all day, 8am-7pm, I had to come home, give my daughter a bath, do laundry and shovel snow...

    Yeah. Yeah. Pfft.




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  • Nice going with your mom---sounds like she is much better.

    I have a 5 line stanza about lizards that I wrote. lol

    I bought my son al lizard.
    I bought it from a wizard.
    Sadly, It died in a blizzard,
    and we ate his little gizzard.


    Have a nice weekend.

    frank at Pam's.

  • maybe they were wizard lizards? Reptilian sorcerers!

    Anytime something is free, it's for me! Even if I don't want it. Cuz I can always sell it! lol

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