December 31, 2013

  • I have a question...

    the reality is, I have a hard time expressing things, so I'm not sure how much sense this will make.

    Things trigger me. They trigger feelings and memories and stuff like that. Just today, I caught a part of a movie that ... well ... I dunno, It made me want to panic. And in my mind, I tried to tell myself... "It's not the past, this is the present and you're not being hurt".


    But speaking of triggers... some PEOPLE can be triggers. And I feel absolutely terrible about that. because, I don't want to seem like a big meanie. My problems are no one elses problems. My feelings are not the responsiblity of anyone else and I feel like, in a way, I will take it out on them. I mean... I have two thoughts. I can just try and, well, "get over it", be as good of a friend as i can and just privately try and deal with my own issues. Or two, eliminate the people from wherever. But then I feel guilty. It's not like anyone is purposefully triggering me, it's my problem. But to be honest? I do better when I'm not exposed to things.

    So, any thoughts on that?

    As for my mission, well... I guess I'm two days in with two days of success. Sort of. It's kinda been hell. All the days before that, I fell flat on my ass. In some ways, I suppose.

    Gah. Anyway!

    2014 will, hopefully, be the year of walks! We didn't manage to do the Jingle walk (for arthritis) this month, but hopefully next year! And then March of Dimes is in April, relay for life in May, color run in june! :) Yuppp! Things to look forward to.

    Happy New Year, Guys!


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  • Maybe you should tell those people that they are triggering you and why so they can be aware and try to not say things that will trigger you. Hope you have a great New years Megan. :)

  • Keep your barrel pointing in a safe direction. Then when someone squeezes your trigger no one gets hurt. In other words pay attention to where you are going, in life. Pick your goals and stay focused on them. Then when something sets you off, you can direct that energy, the anger, or fear or anxiety or love, whatever the emotions are towards achieving your goals.

  • And maybe it isn't entirely your fault either. We can not control everything in the world that surrounds us. We can not control everyone. All we can do is try our best to interact and hope and pray that things work out for the best. Don't give up on yourself. You might be the only one who can get you through the tough times. Remember where ever you go, there you are! ;-)

  • I wouldn't tell the trigger that they are triggers. I think our instinct resembles feelings and memories - and if someone is triggering you, particularly until the time comes when you can clearly define why (which takes time, practice, trusting yourself, and healing), I say cut them off. No explanation needed.

    You're not responsible for being nice and polite when your bigger need is survival. Nicities can come later. Go with your gut, it protects you.

  • My triggers were different---all reading material. For 10 years I only read one book---it took 10 years for be feel normal.

    Yours are different. If possible, people that consistently trigger bad feelings should be avoided---just for your protection and mental health. One day, you will be over it.

  • I guess it would depend on how they trigger and how much they mean to you. If it's something they're doing and they mean something to you, let them know. They may stop doing it. If they're someone you can do without, and the trigger is something that will happen, cut em loose.

    I would at least tell them why, though. Unless they're the type of person that wouldn't get it and give you a hard time.

    heh... i said "hard"

  • I vote for dropping them.

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