December 11, 2013

  • Some Rants

    I'm going to bring my facebook rants here...

    Rant 1: I'm very very glad that we chose to send Brianna to public school. I happen to be surrounded by people who are very negative about public schools. Newsflash, not everyone is rich enough to send their kid to private school and not every child needs to be homeschooled. Brianna loves it, she's learning a lot and that's all that matters. I'm glad I wasn't some stick in the mud about it and negative like these other people. Kids can get a good education at a public school. *rolls eyes*

    Rant 2: You ever heard the breastfeeding nazis say that your kids are only going to be healthy and smart if you breastfeed? After all, breast is best. *and hell, I fully support breastfeeding*. but I spent so much time beating myself up for it not working out and, guess what, my daughter is JUST FINE. she's healthy and she's smart. Yes, she's smart. She's doing very well in school.  She has a great memory! Hey, I want her memory! I wish I could memorize stuff as quick as she can, lol. Point is? if breastfeeding doesn't work out, it's not the end of the world. Don't beat yourself up over it, becuase your kid will be just fine. It's really not the end of the whole world. It's really not even worth the emotional energy.

    Rant 3: I swear to God, I'm sick of how people treat mental illness. Unless your a psychiatrist, I don't want to hear your opinion on what I "need" to do or don't need to do. Who the hell do you think you are? Why the hell are so many people insensitive and stupid? Maybe doctors love to just prescribe pills, but ... dare I say... SOMETIMES THOSE PILLS ARE EFFING NEEDED, DOUCHEBAGS! SHUT THE HELL UP.

    Why do I have to be surrounded by all the idiotic assholes? Seriously... I'm tired of people shoving shit down my throat. I'm no longer listening to anyone. YOu're not my doctor, you don't know me or my pain, so shut up and leave me alone. And if you want to shove your thoughts down my throat, I will have nothing to do with you and your stupid ass. Thank you.

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  • I raise my coffee mug to you. Yep.

  • Me and my older brother went to public school and came out fine, then my mother sent my little brother and sister to private school until she couldn't afford it, then she home-schooled. I can see homeschooling maybe through middle school, but then to me the subject matter just gets increasingly complicated, like math and foreign languages. AHHH! Nope, public school is fine. And I think socially it is better to have them in it all the way though. I think up north private school is a bigger deal. Down south in Texas almost everyone goes to public school.

  • I don't have FB and this just proves that I don't want it.

    PS. I personally liked public school too.

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