December 2, 2013

  • It Begins!

    2013-11-30 16.14.21

    Well, this is what I've been up to. Basically, my aunt is now in a nursing home/rehab center? for rehab... anyway... the company/guy who normally does her leaves has taken his sweet ass time and so, since we are currently incomeless, my aunt and her neighbor are paying "us" to do her leaves. (the reality is... Oh nevermind. wont' say it)

    2013-12-01 16.49.08

    that's two days worth. We went over today, but... I now have a cold. I would love nothing more than to take it easy, especially since last week I was babysitting, then depressed the rest of the time...

    But anyway...

    It's also time for our yearly tradition... THE CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN.

    So you know... after being busy all day with RAKING and SCOOPING and BAGGING leaves, we still had to put up the tree. that was our day one. ;) (not to mention, this place is a mess. Yawn. I try to keep up. Yawn. I'm exhausted.)


    This year, I decided to use this handy dandy dry erase board! :) This allows me to be able to change things up, if needed. And it's fun!


    We did get it up! Hey, that was the goal! lol. But we can't find all the darn plugs for the lights. I feel like I've searched the whole tree! My memory from last year just aint all the good. And so... she wanted to decorate, but that will come later! Gotta figure out the lights! But hey, it's up! lol

    Today is day two, but you'll have to wait till tomorrow to know what we're doing today! ;-)


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  • That's a lot of raking. I hope you have some acetaminophin or bengay for achy muscles, better yet if they don't ache at all.
    Yay, you completed your day one of Christmas. I only have a tiny 2 foot tree up on the desk and a few Christmassy odds and ends. I think it'll stay that way. I don't want to have to move furniture to find room for a full sized tree, and there sure isn't enough room as is.
    I hope you found those light sockets. I'll be back to see more of your countdown.

  • We don't have out tree up quite yet. Usually we do it when my brother gets home from college but because he will be there a week longer than usual he won't get home until the 14th. That means the tree would only be 'good' for 10-11 days. So we're not sure when we're going to put it up. Oh well. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  • wow! lots of work and i know you did it yourself. great job!!!

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