November 18, 2013

  • No Announcement... Sigh

    I was hoping to get on here today and announce something...

    However, nope.

    You will just have to wait. I will say that it's a good thing.

    I am a little bummed.

    Oh well. Very soon, You will know what I'm talking about.


Comments (4)

  • I am excited to hear!!!!!!!

  • I am looking forward to hearing good news when you are able and ready to share it.

  • I'm glad it's something good.

  • Hey Megan! I got your email. I'm doing well. The storm was bad north and south of C-bus, but it wasn't too bad around my area. Sorry I haven't been checking Xanga recently. Been distracted by some stuff in the family(people falling and things like that). I will keep tabs to find out what your news is. Exciting.


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