November 12, 2013

  • I love men!

    Did I mention how much I love men? ;) Lol...

    Good news, my back pain is pretty much gone today. Which is awesome.

    So the other day, I went to a movie. I prefer comedies or just... decent movies. There aren't many. In fact, actually, kids movies are probably the best anymore. We ended up seeing Elysium. No, I did NOT want to see it, but I got dragged to it anyway. I think most of the movie, I had my head down. Too.Much.Blood.

    I still don't get the point of going to a movie and watching people get stabbed and shot and mutilated and all sorts of stuff like that. Why do people enjoy violence? I find that disturbing.

    My one cat, amidala, who usually is scared and hiding and doesn't like people, she doesn't even usually like me, is now... well she now likes me. She even lets Brianna pet her and both of the cats are scared of her! lol  She's been my little cuddle bug lately. I hope she is not sick. She doesn't seem sick. She has hissed at me twice, but she still wants to be pet and curl up with me. I still can't figure out why she hissed at me. But she loves me! And now anakin is jealous, lol.

    And tonight, I get to work on pics on the computer. Woo. Finally.

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  • I can enjoy a variety of movie genres, depends on the day. Kids movies can be good, but even they now adays are often tainted with adult humor and sexual innuendos which the producers think will go over their heads, but doesn't always, and is sometimes an embarrassment.

    I am so happy your kitty Amidala has come out and become your snuggle buddy. I am sure Anikin is not ignored, so he will survive this newfound jealousy.

    I'm glad to hear your back is on the mend. Truely.

  • men love you; just sayin' :-)

  • Eh. Men don't do much for me, women on the other hand...

    We watched Olympus Has Fallen the other day. I did not like it at all, too much gratuitous violence, a highly improbable storyline and far too many plot clichés. I don't even know why anyone would even make such a movie. What a waste of time.

  • I was very intimidated by women all of my life until I turned 74. I read a book and one of the unintended consequences was I got over my fear of women.

    It is very healthy that you like men.

    Wishing you a nice weekend,


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