November 9, 2013

  • I have to be careful what I say here...

    Well... I don't know...

    Today, I am tired and my back is killing me. Not sure why exactly. I mean, the other day I did a workout, went out and raked leaves and then just walked. it was like thats just what my body wanted to do. I took a long walk and actually took some pictures and came back home.

    I've felt a few times like i need to pass out. I get dizzy and cold and my head gets all fuzzy.

    One day, I thought I was going to throw up.

    Not sure if these physical things are really problems on their own, or if they are emotional or because of psychological issues?

    I dunno.

    So anyway I uh... Yeah.

    Sooooo tired.

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  • maybe you were hypoglycemic??

  • I am sorry you did not feel well afterwards, but walking is a great exercise that is under rated.

  • Hope you get some sleep and pain relief!

  • It all piles up. Stress can have a huge impact on the back. Also, raking leaves is hard on the back as well. Walking is the best for it. Go from ice pack to hot pack on the back (ice helps the inflamation, heat helps the muscles get blood flow). If it's the lower back, stretch the legs real good as well.

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