November 4, 2013

  • The door

    There is a pitch black room. It's a very big room and there is only one door to get out. No windows. Just one door. You can't see anything and there are a million obstacles all over the place. Eventually, your knees are bloody, you have bruises, maybe a broken bone or two, stubbed toes, soreness, cuts... all in search for the door. Searching for your way out. And maybe eventually, bloody and broken, you can find the door...

    I'm looking for the door.

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  • a very good anaolgy

  • At 4:18 a.m. one morning, the Northridge earthquake hit. I was on the couch sleeping when it hit. I heard things falling and breaking and all the lights went out. It was very scary.

    I know you are describing how you feel and hope you will feel better one day son.


  • I hope you find your way out! Hugs!

  • Sometimes, you just have to make your own door, though.

  • My email is . You can email me anytime, if you need to talk or whatever.

  • You will find it. Have faith in yourself.
    I used to liken my depression to being in an oubilette, a literal place of forgetting from ancient times.
    Eventually hands came and pulled me up. Friends, and God, told me there was life on the other side. Once you are there, it will be good. I wish I could hand you the flashlight you need so desparately now.

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