October 9, 2013

  • There is a place

    I don't even know if I can explain it very well... I'm creating this space in my mind.

    I read that it's good to practice abdonimal breathing and deep relaxation whatever for anxiety and what not. Meditation. Anyway, I hardly feel good at that, but maybe that's part of my problem, LOL.

    anyway, moving on...

    There's this space in my head. It's an open field and there's all different types of pretty flowers. I'm there, alone, with my camera and maybe a good book and maybe my favorite songs. But it's just me there. Alone. And even though it's a large, open space, there is NOTHING else around. Almost like being in a bubble. It's safe there and I don't have to worry about anything. I can take pictures. I can lay in the grass and stare up at the sun. It's perfect weather. Kinda like fall, but not too cool... not too hot. Just right.

    Anyway, things are just perfectly at peace. There is nothing there out of place. It's all just right.

    And honestly, if I could leave this world now and go there, I would so do it in a heartbeat.

    You know, there is a lot of beauty here in this world. Specifically nature. I love nature. The world is beautiful. People do things to make certain things ugly and I don't want to fixate on that or anything, but... all that ugliness? I want no part of anymore. I want to escape it. And I know I can't fully.

    But that place in my mind. I can go there. I can be safe there. It is perfect. It is not ugly. The things of this world don't matter and are far away from me and I am at peace.

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  • No leaving this world!!!! But find that right and peaceful place right here on this very Earth. I know you can do it. :-)

  • Yes! A nice place! There's a song about that!

  • We all want a better place. Life on planet earth is just to real.

  • sounds like a nice place to imagine, to be alone and for short times such a place able to block out the stress is ok, but dont allow yourself to retreat there permanantly because you have a daughter who loves and needs you to be aware of what is going on in her life, in reality and I'd hate to hear you were put into some institution for zoning out(ok, maybe Im going a little far but it does happen sometimes.) There are parks and wonderful open spaces with nature to take photos of here on Earth too. I think you should try to find one accessable to you. Plus there are wonderful pics on internet. I somedays just google "beautiful Scenary" and a get a myriad of calming images.

  • Perhaps sometime you can come and visit with us at our cabin. You would love it there and we would love to have you!

  • What you are describing is actually often used as a relaxation technique. You should allow yourself 5 to 10 minutes every day just to sit and visit that place. Maybe while your daughter is down for a nap.

    As Crystalinne said, just don't go there permanently. It would even be a good exercise to teach your daughter as a relaxation technique.

    Have you ever tried Yoga? That might be something for you to do, too. If you haven't and are interested, I think I have a beginning Yoga CD here somewhere I'd be happy to send you. You can send me a private message on FB if you are interested.

  • In hypnobabies, this was called the Bubble Of Peace. It was critical for me during a very hard time. I practiced it multiple times a day during my pregnancy.

    I still use the self hypnosis relaxation techniques sometimes. Thank you for reminding me of this portion of it. Bubble Of Peace. It's healthy.

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