October 5, 2013

  • Ooooh Ooohh... I'm an idiot

    Okay so honestly, yeah, haven't felt like blogging and honestly hardly ever even sign in. Honestly, xanga is just NOT the same anymore and I can't quite get used to it and my personal life is... well, lets not go there. but as I sit down right now and browse through others blogs, I see some things I clearly missed. things I wondered about and didn't know... And now I feel like the biggest douche bag ever. Sorry to my friends on here... because i missed some important things and well... I am just a douchebag. :(

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  • I've missed seeing you around here.

  • I miss you and I do not think you are a douchebag at all. i am going through the stress of this change in Xanga. Do not give up on me. I have already lost too many nice Friends like you.


  • I to miss a lot of the Xanga family. I am hoping it will be more interactive as the months go on.

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