August 27, 2013

  • Really, People?

    So, it would seem that a lot of people are truly in shock about Miley Cyrus's performance at the VMAs. Okay, I admit, I thought it sucked. Her tongue thing just freaks me out and I don't get the bears at all. (The reality is, though, she is 20 years old. She's not a kid. She can do what she wants. Get the fuck over it)

    But am I truly that shocked? Umm, no. Not really.

    And yet, all over facebook, that seems to be all people are talking about. I've seen letters written to daughters, 10 things you need to tell your teenage daughter, blah blah blah.

    Oh please.


    I was even listening to the radio and one of the hosts said that she was just out on stage, being a whore. Hmm, I must have missed the part where she had sex with someone, on stage, and got paid for it? Others call her a slut and a skank. She was being "sexual" yes, but ... does that automatically make her a slut or a skank? If she can grind against Robin Thicke and be called a slut, then he should get called a slut for ... DOING THE SAME DAMN THING.

    But that brings me to my point. It's a okay for guys to express THEIR sexuality, but not girls. hey, I grew up in church, where girls couldn't show a knee or the guys would be drooling fools! Boys are run by their penis and they can't control themselves! So we girls have to make sure we help them out! Cause they can't help themselves! So when a guy wants to act like a, well, slut, it's accepted. He can screw as many girls as he wants and gets called, "the man", while a girl, who wants to sleep with who she chooses, gets called a slut for it.

    Why is it that females can't be sexual too, without being shamed for it?


    I don't get that.

    My husband was talking about how these x disney girls all turned out to be skanks. He mentioned Vanessa Hudgens. Ohhhhh, let me guess! She's a skank, because she took a nude photo of herself and sent it to her BOYFRIEND, at the time, and somehow it got out?

    Alright, seriously... Seriously?

    Take away, girls, don't take racy photos of yourself and give them to your SO. I guess that makes you a skank.

    You have to save your v card till marriage. There are balls and purity rings centered around YOUR virginity. (don't see the same for guys. wonder why THAT is). If you give that away, you lose some of your worth and you're suddenly a slut, while the guy gets a pat on the back.

    I remember watching this pastor talking to a bunch of teens. He was talking about purity and "saving yourself". He talked to the girls and mentioned how, when you walk down that aisle, you want to wear a white dress... it shows your purity, your innocence, your commitment. Shit like that. I started crying. Because, when someone steals your innocence, you feel dirty and you feel like you lose your worth, too. It's like a girls worth is tied up in her damn hymen.

    It's ridiculously stupid and I'm tired of it. Sick and damn tired of it.

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  • Regardless of whether or not guys are held to different standards, a young woman should behave like she has respect for herself.  I didn't see Miley but I heard all about it.  It almost sounds like she was out there proving she could be just as skanky as any other teen star turned skank.  And for the record, I thought Michael Jackson was just as skanky the way he was grabbing himself all the time  There have been some great rock and country stars who have behaved with respect for themselves and others and didn't have to hump someone onstage to prove themselves.  I also think part of this is that Miley is trying to shed the Hannah Montana image.  She certainly accomplished that!

  • She was just being outrageous. And aside from the probability that she might regret it at some point, we have therapists for that shit.

    Everything else? Right on, sister! I get it. I follow it. I'm on board. And I even had a true love waits purity ring...'til I was raped and I didn't feel right wearing it anymore. I claimed my own sexual morality after that, and it had nothing to do with virginity and hymens and white dresses. 

  • she was trying to get attention and it worked.

    i agree with what you say here

  • Miley - I'm like - who cares?

    On the other thing - about how guys and girls are treated differently for wanting to be sexual - I agree with you!

  • Yea I didn't think she was wrong at all. Bad maybe. Some say oh but robin thickes wife was there, how dare she. Dude its tv. It's entertainment.

  • I saw the video and I personally thought both Robin and Miley were disgusting for the show...or whatever you want to call it. The bears coupled with the choreography made me think of those disturbing pedo-bear memes. I didn't find it shocking, I just found the whole thing very disturbing and distasteful. There are plenty of ways to shed an old image without doing something like that.

    I agree with you completely that there is a lot of BS when it comes to double standards about how girls should act vs. guys when it comes to sex. However, I am no fan of Miley's. Not because I think she is a skank or a slut. I just think she is acting like a crazy person trying desperately to get attention. If my daughter (or son) was acting like that, I'd implore them to get therapy.

  • I wasn't shocked by it. But I do think she made a fool of herself. And as for the grinding, it looked like she was more into it than he was, which is probably the reason people are talking more about her behavior than his.
    I agree with you, though, that there shouldn't be a double standard regarding who is allowed to express their sexuality and who isn't. I like a good sensual performance just as much as the next person. I'm a fan of Dita von Teese. But the difference between what Dita does and what Miley did is that Dita makes it artistic and sensual and even classy whereas to me, Miley's performance was none of those things. It just seemed like a distastefully done cry for attention.

  • Seriously. Nobody gives a shit about chemical weapons being used on civilians in Syria but OMG A FEMALE EXPRESSED HER SEXUALITY THE WORLD IS ENDING! I have no hope for humans.

  • Way more "disturbing" things happening in the USA and the world than what someone does on a TV show. Meh. Totally agree with the blog...

  • I'm already a bit bored with all of this Cyrus girl hype. I don't mind that she tried to act out and draw attention to herself, but I'm not sure if she was expecting this reaction to her performance. Everything is planned and rehearsed for these events. Why is it that all those involved allowed this mess to occur? Only she is in charge of her own actions. Perhaps she mistook "lewd" for "edgy or sexy." The wardrobe, the choreography -she did NOT prove to the world that, "...hillbillies can twerk!"- and the gesticulations -Simmons can barely pull it off- were all an epic failure. Most do not want such nasty things said about themselves, but she seems to leave herself wide open for the punches. Didn't she fail to look all grown up with the Leibovitz shoot a couple years ago, too? Sure, most of the comments about the girl are sexist, just as crewd as her attempt at entertainment and they are poorly articulated. That says too much about the morons that sadly make up so much of the vocal sector of the internet. Plenty of other artists have played up the antics but not as many have fucked it up quite as well as she did this last Sunday. 

    So, I approve of the criticisms directed at her poor performance, but I am disgusted at the insults directed towards her character or sexuality.

  • Didn't see it.  Don't want to.  Can't stand her music. 

    But, I really doubt it was any more "skanky" than other pop divas.  Is it because she used to have this squeaky clean image?  So what?  Let's talk about skankiness.  She's been with the same guy for how many years now?  Oh, and good ol' non-skank, Taylor Swift has had how many boyfriends? 

    (Though for the record, I don't let my daughter watch that crap anyway.  She used to love Miley/Hannah Montana.  Glad she doesn't anymore... now... if I could just get her to stop listening to one direction....)

  • Smiley Virus. Smiley Virus. that's who she is to me. (yawn) other's people's get off's don't do a thing for me. One touch, one nice word, one real smile from one real person does MORE for me that all the (soft) porn in the theaters, on tv, in videos, on the net...I don't have any use for Smiley Virus at all. none. sorry, dear. hope someone catches you when you fall. Selena I liked.

  • Who's Miley Cyrus? 


    I had heard that many women in certain countries will have a medical procedure to replace their hymen.  How ridiculous is that?  IMO the hymen is over-rated, vastly over-rated.

  • I always thought it was ridiculous that she was being called a whore and a slut. It had no sex in it at all! While I personally think it was distasteful and degrading to herself, no part of anything that she did made her a slut.

    @PrincessPowers - Isn't it how that always goes? "People who have had sex before and people who have been raped can start over and be pure again! ISN'T THAT GREAT NEWS?!"


    That's why when I finally did have sex for the first time (of my own will), I didn't really feel guilty about it. I had lost my virginity when I was 5 years old, and the old rhetoric of being able to "get back" a poor, seond-rate "virginity" didn't make me feel any better. I never knew what being "pure" was.

    (It was ridiculous to base my worth on my virginity in the first place. That's why I could never buy into "getting it back")

  • My husband said, "This is no worse than anything we've seen in any rap video, ever." I happen to agree. I also think if you don't want to be shocked, then don't watch the VMA's. Hello, people. Also don't let your kids watch them, how naive can you be?

    I personally did not like the teddy bears element, it had a pedophile-vibe to it and I think that goes a little too far, unless the intent of the piece was to bring much needed awareness to the epidemic levels of molestation to young girls in this country. I doubt that it was, though. ;)

    But yeah, I agree. If it was awful and bad, why isn't Robin Thicke being shamed for it? He had a part in it too. Having a penis in this world is like having a magic force field around you. haha

  • I didn't see it live, but what surprised me the most about the reaction was the fact that so many people didn't realize that all she was doing was trying to get said reaction. That's it. I read where she set a record for twitter. THAT'S what she wanted. She just used her body and all the rest to get it.

    For myself? I guess I'm glad she got what she wanted, but I wonder if it was worth the cost of losing so many people's respect. :-/

  • I agree, it shouldn't be a double standard.  After all, if it is okay for the boys to do it, who are they doing it with?  Both boys and girls should respect themselves.  I feel too many people take sexuality a little too freely--but that is a conversation for another day.  Sure, Miley's performance was not very classy, but so many others have behaved in such a way and it was deemed acceptable by society.  I got curious, so I watched the performance on YouTube.  The only thing I really have to say about this, is, "Don't be so curious, you silly goose." (to myself.)

  • @buddy71 - That's just what I said on Blogster. The media spent so much time ranting about Miley Cyrus, that Justin Timberlake's Vanguard Award and VMA performance was completely overshadowed. 

  • @Megabyyte - Have you ever heard of furries? That's a a creepy fetish where couples dress up as stuffed animals mascots. Anyway, I wish the media would shut up about Miley Cyrus' performance. It wasn't nearly as controversial as the 2003 opening performance, when Madonna kissed BOTH Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

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