August 22, 2013

  • I’m a strange one

    I’m told to keep a mood and sleep journal. I’m going to use my planner. I did have a spiral notebook, where I was writing down my moods, as they changed, and keeping track of my sleep and stuff…

    funny thing. now that I’ve used that notebook for that, and plan to switch to just using a planner, I feel like that notebook is now a waste.

    I have to have a new journal, new notebook, for every little different thing.

    Like, the journal I have now, was meant more for writing down what I did throughout the day and positive stuff. I feel like throwing in bad stuff, or stuff about my crazy moods, is ruining it and I need a new journal for that.

    when I do writing, if I have a notebook with poems, It’s just for that. if I use it for other stuff, it just gets nuts.

    and then i get even more nuts, when I don’t have any notebooks left. then I just pace around like a fool and think think think, but yeah…


    I’m strange.


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  • I love buying journals. There are so many interesting ones out there with beautiful or artistic covers. However, if expense is an issue, Walmart currently, for back to school, has regular spiral bound notebooks for only 17 cents apiece. Can’t beat that! Then you can doodle on the covers or make them unique with stickers or by gluing on pictures from magazines or old cards.

  • I would call that truly organized and not strange

  • But such a NICE strange!!!

  • Those are some of the most sensible thoughts I’ve come across!  Makes complete sense to me!  You’re not alone here.  If this is ‘weird’, than I gladly share the title with you!

  • My husband and I were supposed to keep a journal with each other for writing notes to one another everyday, alternately. I overtook it when he was in California for a week. It turned into my “things I need to say” to him. And then it morphed into my thoughts alone. And then it morphed into my journal for personal aha moments. I misuse “our letter journal.” But it’s ok, we failed marital therapy anyway. Haha. These things happen. As long as you keep doing your homework. My homework is daily affirmations and I feel truly silly about it. Let’s be therapy buddies.

  • who told you to do that? Well anyway, you might enjoy (well that might not be the right word for it) reading, “The Golden Notebook” by Doris Lessing…her character was keeping a bunch of notebooks, each one for something different, and THIS one was the ‘golden’ one. I used to write stuff, in pencil, on the back of my door. I had a haiku I liked right at the top of the door, by Basho, an ancient Chinese poet, it read: “I do not know whether anything honorable deigns to be there, but in extreme awe my tears well forth.”  Later, when I was reading “Franny and Zoey” by J.S.Salinger the SAME POEM was written on the back of the door of the main character. It’s like a journal, sort a….People would stand at the door and read all the stuff on my door, and ask me about it. Some people would add stuff. It’s a way of keeping track of where you’ve BEEN. It doesn’t do too much to help you figure out WHERE YOU’RE GOING, because at any minute you could VEER OFF in some weird direction. After I read “The Golden Notebook” by Lessing, I started keeping a PLAN journal, of things I was planning to do. I would write the plan in RED INK, and then keep track of it in BLUE ink. Then one day I pulled it out of my backpack while sitting on a bench in Nashville, Tn. I re-read my PLAN, and re-read what’s been happening…and the spontaneous stuff had been coming out WAY BETTER than the plan, so I tossed it in the trash. Good luck with yours!  Good bye means: God Be With Ye.

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