August 20, 2013

  • Naked Family Photo


    So one of our local radio stations is holding a contest!

    One person has to be willing to get head to toe naked, in front of as many family members as possible, for a family picture.

    The person who gets the most family members in their picture, wins a meet and greet with Adam Lavine (did I spell that right?)

    Anyway, can we say... shocked

    haha, no no no noooo

    the idea of being naked around family creeps me out. But, there are people who are willing. One girl, is going to try and talk her dad into being there, but isn't sure he'll want to. lololol... um...


    But I gotta say, interesting contest idea! lol

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  • I suppose the entrants could get creative. Have all other members dressed, and present, in their spots, then close their eyes, or even have their backs to the camera. "to be naked" person comes in in robe if they wish then drops it just as the timer is about to go on the shutter (or if they trust to have a friend take the pic). Maybe they could take one with all the dressed people in front looking forward, and then the naked person is behind them, so noone sees (well, except all people later viewing the picture. lol). Maybe the "to be naked" person can stand strategically behind a potted plant or be turned and posed just so that nothing too personal is showing. Hmmm. It's nothing I would do, and I don't live near most of my relatives anyhow, but I think it Could be done tastefully if someone put forth effort. However, there are probably others who wouldn't care if the whole world saw their every freckle and dimple.

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