August 16, 2013

  • An Update!

    Uhhhh, yeah. For some reason, I really don't feel like blogging lately. And, for me, that's strange! silly

    So I started watching Orange Is the New Black, On Netflix. I'm now officially hooked...

    We're getting ready for school! I've been getting Brianna on a schedule, to get ready for school. We're up every day at 7.

    At first, it was a pain. Not only cause I wanted to crawl back under the nice, warm, covers and snooze the morning away, but because ... so did she! lol  So day one it was like, "My legs are still tired!"  Day two it was, "Oooh, I hate this!!!!!"

    Then by day 3, she was good. And even on the weekends, we both tend to get up earlier. %^&

    Photo: Hilarious Animal Pictures

    And really... that is it...



    I live such an exciting life...

    I did jack up my arm. But that is not something I want to talk about.

    Keep on, keepin' on...

    That is what I'm doing!

    Have a happy Friday!

    Oh, and My sister and I are planning on doing this Jingle Bells Run/Walk for Arthritis. It's dec. 13th, I believe. Anyway, we're thinking of dressing up like snowmen! silly

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