July 29, 2013

  • This has been on my heart...

    This has been on the News, so maybe some of you have heard about this, but...

    There was a bus accident in Indiana, that killed 3 people. It was a church group, coming home from a week at camp. They came to a camp here in Northern Michigan. it's a camp I've been to many times. Camp CoBeAc (stands for, Come, believe, Accept). Anyway, they were so close to home when the bus crashed and killed 3 people.

    The youth pastor and his wife were killed, and she was expecting their second child, due next month. They also had their almost 2 year old son with them, but he survived. The poor child lost both of his parents. sad And they were only in their mid 20's.

    The other one killed was a mom of 5, who had gone to camp with her special needs child.

    It's just so... sad.

    Life is just so short and you just never know.

    But if you're the praying type, just pray for the families who lost someone.

    God's way is best, they say, but this type of stuff just doesn't make sense to me...

    I just feel for those kids... sad

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  • Life is too short :(

  • I saw this on the news early this morning. It is truly sad. 

  • wow. I actually had only heard that the bus crashed and 3 people died. I didn't read into it yet. this is heartbreaking!

  • I know... It makes it difficult to see God at work. *hugs* Prayer going up! Where will you be blogging in a few more days?

  • Hugs and prayers!

  • I read about this and was horrified! Also yesterday, a bus in Italy went off a cliff and killed eveyone, and then the train wreck in Spain!! Drivers of mass transit vehicles need to be tested every time they take the wheel. But I send good thoughts and hopes of recovery and peace for the victims.

  • I saw that. Terrible news but I will pray for the family of those who were lost. I will especially pray for the 2 year old. So sad.

  • that is so sad...it is hard to understand why things happen, Prayers from Georgia

  • It's really a sad thing that happened.God's way is best, they sayI don't believe everything that happens is God's will. It's God's will that we don't sin but yet we still sin. Definitely praying for the kids.

  • @musterion99 - Oh yeah! I definitely agree. A lot of people I know, and i grew up being told this, believe that God has a will for everything! He plans things! Or, he allows things to happen. Well, I don't think that God sounds very nice. But I read a churches sermon about this and it made a lot more sense. Bad stuff just happens, not because God wanted it to happen. Anyway, it made a lot more sense to me than anything I've ever heard before! So i agree with you.

  • It doesn't make sense to me either.  I have been praying for them ever since I heard about it.

  • @Megabyyte - Right, it's usually the Calvinists that believe that. I do believe God allows things to happen but that is different than it being his will that it happened. Bad stuff happens because we are sinful people. Some obviously a lot worse than others. But fortunately in heaven, there won't be any more evil or death.

  • Hi, yes it's very sad.  I live near Indy, my neighbors are members at that church, so it really hits home.  An intersection we drive through often.  Heartbreaking, as a mother and grandmother myself, to think of what they are going through.  Keep them all in your prayers.  It makes me think about the treasure of each day.

  • I am not one who prays, but this definitely touches my heart.

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