July 25, 2013

  • Strange Dreams

    So for days in a row, I've had dreams that I can actually remember and they're all quite... strange.

    First dream, my gramma had gotten hold of some "racy" pictures of me and posted them on facebook. See, she was requesting "prayer" for people and I was just one of a few. She posted several pictures of me and then said, "Please pray for my granddaughter, who doesn't have much self respect or know her worth".


    Second dream, I was having sex for money and the guy I was with was my 4th grade teacher. shocked Needless to say, that one left me creeped out.

    Third dream, my gramma was sick and fell and I was holding her in my arms as she was dying. Also strange.

    Then last night I had a dream that this guy, not sure who he was, wanted to come blow up our house. He was blackmailing us. Well anyway, I got what I needed out of the house and we were leaving, as he showed up to do his business. turns out he had no luck blowing up the house, so he instead just trashed the house. We went back and saw the damage. He certainly did make a mess. It wasn't until I realized that he had screwed with my birth control pills, that I got really pissed and went and started beating on him. Like how dare you mess with my birth control pills! lol  So then he ties me up, rapes me, just because he knew he messed with my BC pills and.... yeah....


    Gotta love messed up dreams.


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