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  •  I think pens like to play hide and seek,(but not in my a$$!)Life is much better when you can find your happy spot Yay! Cussing like a sailor! One of my special gifts! (Only when I get mad)God had to make babies cute. Just imagine if I was born looking like I do today! Buhuwahahahaha! Mmmm Corned beef and Swiss cheese! With home made sauerkraut on pumpernickel toast!!! Yep. YeP! I was just telling my wife what a bummer it is I have to wear clothes when I am gardening…You don’t think it is a sign that I have no life that I listened to this whole vlog, even after you answered my question!* C R A C K ! *   It is nice to be needed, but not kneeded! Frummpy is HAWT!!!

  • @Aloysius_son -  You make me smile!!

  • That would be an awesome sandwich!    Good vlog!

  • Great Answers – We Love You Too

  • Idaho sounds fun. Never been there.Couple songs for you to…ponder.Michael Jackson – Beat ItDef Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On MeThe Eagles – Take It EasyDJ Sammy – Heaven

  • Your vlogs are never boring!

  • Wow sow good envy your life, too moist, full of tourist.I can only sell Hublot watches, also welcome to visit, give yourself a gift of travel with a wristwatch.

  • That comment sounds dirty. ^^ 

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